Here are what I consider my best posts of all time:


To Fight – Each day in the Oncology clinic, I see all the stages of grief. It is easy to fight with the patient who fights, but is it okay to cry with the patient who cries?

Running With IV Poles – The beauty of Medicine is seeing people move forward with courage and resilience even in the most unimaginably horrific circumstances.

The Ugly Doc-ling – In a year of high-strung paranoia (constantly trying to read people’s minds and worrying what everyone thinks of us), it is a rare delight to bring something to the table that we didn’t train for, something that no one else can bring.

Trauma, Death, and the Big Picture – ICU patients can’t eat, can’t breathe, can’t move, but would like to go back to skydiving ASAP. And as doctors, our job is to let them.

The Secret to Success: Don’t Buy In To “Talent” – Ever heard of Histology? On my first day of medical school, I had to Google it. But I’ve come to learn that Googling (and otherwise working hard) will get you much farther in life than the kind of knowledge you’re likely to be “born with.”

How to Say Hello to a Crazy Person – I routinely meet people at the most dramatic, pivotal moment of their lives: they have just had a brain malfunction that got them locked up in a hospital against their will.

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